Grant System

All applicants will be required to submit their applications online.

Online application system is not yet available. If you have grant enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.. Please make sure that your request is within the funding interests of CCE RA.

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  • How to access online application forms?
  • What happens after the application submission?
  • Grant decision-making process
  • Policies

How to access online application forms

All applications are submitted online. You need to register on the website first to be able to submit an application. Your registration on the website will go through an approval process before granting access to the forms.

What happens after the application submission?

Once the application is submitted, CCE Research Alliance will:

  • Assess the eligibility of applicants and research proposals – If you are ineligible to be an applicant or the subject of your proposal does not within the CCE Research Alliance’s remit, CCE Research Alliance reserves the right not to process your application.
  • Move your application to the normal selection procedure and consider it in competition with other similar type applications.
  • Consider an application but it does not imply that support will be forthcoming.
  • Expect you to inform CCE Research Alliance if you subsequently decide to submit this or a similar proposal to another funding body while this application is still being considered by CCE Research Alliance.
  • Expect you to submit all the necessary information online at the time of application. Additional data may not be submitted at a later stage.
  • Expect you to inform CCE Research Alliance if there are any intellectual property rights or publications arising from the research you undertake.
  • Require a report of research findings as well as the expenditure.

Grant decision-making process

Assessment of project grant applications is based on peer review. External referee’s comments are sought on application and are considered by the CCE Research Alliance funding committee, which decide whether or not to fund the application. External referees are comprised of independent scientist from the research community with appropriate expertise and research experience.

Applications are judged on the merits of the proposal put forward. Your application may result in:

  • Full award – the award is made at the level requested in the application.
  • Reduced award – the application is funded at a reduced level.
  • Conditional award – conditions may be applied before/after an official award is made.
  • Deferred award – award decision may be withheld to seek further information.
  • Rejected award – the award is not granted.

In general, a decision is made within about one month to six months of receipt of the completed application depending on the proposal and the grant scheme. Applicants are generally notified of the outcome, in writing, shortly after a funding committee meeting has taken place. If the awards are not taken up within 12 months of the anticipated start date, they will be withdrawn.


As a charity CCE Research Alliance is under an obligation to ensure that useful results from the research that it funds are applied for the public good. CCE Research Alliance aims to bring together researchers, universities and support groups to help ensure that promising lines of research yield practical healthcare benefits.

Intellectual property rights (IPR)
All CCE Research Alliance funded researchers and their host institutes are required to agree grand conditions which will be provided after the initial application.

We support researchers to publish their results in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals.

Statement on human participants in research
Since the major historical data source is the patients CCE Research Alliance expects all work involving patients to be undertaken in accordance with the highest ethical standards applicable to the country. Researchers are responsible for insuring they are aware of the issues surrounding the patients in research and obtained all necessary approvals.

If you are unsure, please contact us to assist you in obtaining approvals.